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Please note: These face masks do not guarantee the prevention of transmission or infection.

Available in: Plain black with a white inner, so that you may differentiate between the inner and outer of the mask, or a full custom printed outer (sublimated).

Please pay close attention to the information below, a mask becomes meaningless if it is not used correctly, for more information on COVID-19, please visit the link below which will direct you to the Governments information landing page.


Health Minister Zweli Mkhize had the following to say, “Wearing masks is important. We want to recommend widespread use of masks. We are recommending that people use cloth masks and just make sure they’re a three-layer kind of thing”.


Our face masks have upper and lower open-ended elastic straps, allowing you to tighten the mask to your desired fit, we recommend fastening the mask firmly using a traditional bow as used on your shoelaces. The mask should snugly sit across the bridge of your nose and underneath or along your jaw line, you can adjust the fit of the mask using the concealed wire nose piece, ensuring that the mask sits flush across your nose and under the eyes. Single or double layered masks/materials are far less effective, which is why we opted for 3 layers of material. 

We recommend having 3 masks per person per household, always having 2 on you. Having multiple masks means that you will always have a clean one at the ready, we recommend changing masks immediately after suspected contact with COVID-19 or upon exiting a high-risk area.

Please wash your masks upon receipt and safely dispose/recycle the packing immediately.

Mask Features

  • The masks are designed to help prevent transmission and infection; they are not being distributed to medical personal.
  • Constant reminder to keep your distance, be vigilant and to not touch your face.
  • Soft on the skin, manufactured with comfortable moisture managing materials.
  • Three layers of material prevent the transmission of moisture in or out, as well as increasing the amount of moisture needed before being fully saturated.
  • Three layers of material creates a barrier between the inner and outer layers, thus reducing the risk of infection even further.
  • Washable/reusable.
  • The masks are not surgical grade or antibacterial.
  • The masks are made up with polyesters and not N95.

Product Specifications

  • Inner Layer: 140g Ribbed Moisture Managing Polyester – Breathable, soft on skin.
  • Middle Layer: 150g Semi Permeable Polyester – Creates a barrier between inner and outer layers, eliminating contact between.
  • Outer layer: 140g Two Way Stretch Polyester.
  • Fully custom versions will have the outer layer sublimated, which does not compromise the effectives nor longevity of the mask.
  • The masks may be machine washed, unlike cycling kit, you may heat wash the masks.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
  • Allow the mask to fully dry in an open-air environment before use, tumble drying the mask may affect its’ lifespan or contaminate the mask with loose microfibers from the machine.
  • The mask can be ironed, which is also an effective way of killing bacteria, however do not substitute the washing process.


How to Properly Use a Fabric Face Mask

Wash your hands before applying and after removing a mask, never touch the inner fabric part of the mask, once the mask is on, refrain from adjusting it or touching any part of your face. Wash your mask as often as possible (after each use), be wary of where you place or store the mask. We recommend creating a system or protocol for yourself, that includes where the masks are kept (hand sanitiser station) and where dirty ones are placed.

As previously mentioned, we recommend fastening the mask firmly using a traditional bow as used on your shoelaces, this allows you to easily remove the mask when necessary by pulling on the loose ends, alternatively slide the elastic up and over your head, moving the mask away from your face. A mask should be worn when entering any public space or when coming into close contact with anyone that you are not in quarantine with.

The minimum order quantity is 20 units priced at R40 ex VAT each, custom printed masks will be R50 ex VAT, no design or setup fee with three adjustments to the artwork.

The order will be dispatched via courier.

Masks may not be returned or exchanged, if faulty masks are received, we will replace them.

Please visit our website and follow the link to the Government portal on COVID-19 for more health and safety information:  

See the below images of the masks, feel free to send through any questions or concerns you may have to


Flatten the curve, stay at home, stay healthy, stay safe.


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